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30-second summary:

  • 体育平台app holds the keys to digital success.
  • Managing 体育平台app across large enterprises or multiple sites requires many skills.
  • 体育平台app can be time-consuming and gets increasingly harder by the day.
  • A combination of talent and technology is needed for Enterprise 体育平台app success.

From a global pandemic to the continuing economic, environmental, and leadership crises we’ve seen throughout 2020, brands are being challenged now to rise up and rethink ‘business as usual’. Unprecedented shifts in consumer expectations and behavior, placing digital convenience and personalization at the top of the must-have list, present an opportunity unseen to date for those who can master enterprise 体育平台app skills to deliver for increasingly demanding consumers and clients.

As we head into 2021, the importance of 体育平台app as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy cannot be understated. 体育平台app holds the keys to digital success; from the insights and context, it delivers to the content it optimizes and the results it facilitates. 体育平台app is the most viable and cost-effective channel for enterprises today.

One quick note on the term ‘enterprise 体育平台app ’ before we dig in. Enterprise 体育平台app pertains to large companies with complex organizational structures and various lines of business and products, and that is the most common definition of it. Yet enterprise 体育平台app may be practiced by smaller companies and agencies, as well—particularly those managing large or multiple sites. It’s a common misconception that size is a prerequisite for enterprise 体育平台app success. At its core, enterprise 体育平台app is the management of digital campaigns (search and content) holistically. A platform of integrated tools and features, including monetary, productivity and customer relationship management, enterprise 体育平台app platforms [1] take digital strategy from the page to the personal – and what business couldn’t benefit from that?

Organizations of all sizes can leverage enterprise 体育平台app to deliver meaningful, personalized experiences to their customers in real-time. Managing 体育平台app across large enterprises or multiple sites requires many skills, and for those new to the world of enterprise 体育平台app deciding which skills to focus on first can seem a daunting task. But an innovative, technologically-savvy 体育平台app [2] knows there’s always room to grow.

As the ongoing evolution of 体育平台app fuels careers (and creativity), this developing industry presents endless learning opportunities. Here are seven essential skills for 体育平台app success in 2021.

1. Industry and market-specific knowledge

Whether your agency-side or in-house, the depth, and breadth of your knowledge about the industry determine how you interpret the data 体育平台app and analytics tools provide. In short, enterprise 体育平台app strategies are only as good as the thinking behind them.

AI-powered technology [3] can help deepen your knowledge and understanding of the company’s place in the market, particularly its place in SERPs. But truly keeping ahead of the curve means understanding what your customers need and want, then translating that industry and market-specific knowledge into action supported by 体育平台app . There really is no one-size-fits-all approach. The more you know about your industry and target market, the better equipped you’ll be to leverage searcher intent as the driving force behind your 体育平台app strategy, delivering the right resources to satisfy consumer curiosities and secure sales.

2. Data-driven digital awareness

体育平台app s must understand the comprehensive digital marketing ecosystem and where 体育平台app fits in. Data-driven digital awareness enables you to collaborate and strategize with the wider marketing and communications teams including paid search, social media and community managers, copywriters, and producers, and provide real value. How you continually support one another from insight sharing to process optimization is the key to holistic digital marketing.

Data-driven digital awareness can support ongoing ideation and optimization, allowing businesses to maximize spend and execute pivots to plans in real-time. Once we understand that set-and-forget strategies simply no longer meet the need, the question becomes simply where to start.

Consider for a moment your content marketing strategy [4] . Designed to engage consumers and answer questions at each stage of the buying process, ultimately earning the consumers business, it’s only as good as the insights behind it. With the right collaboration and reporting support, the types of content your team develops can evolve to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations. What’s more, AI can help drive dynamic content optimizations [5] that meet each customer’s needs in real-time.

Keen awareness combined with the right data and analysis can help you to connect and remain engaged with prospects, saving time, and directing resources more efficiently.

3. Multi-tasking and big picture thinking

体育平台app s wear a number of hats. It’s important that you understand what’s going on at other points of the customer journey and have that big picture view [6] of what each person and channel is doing to support content discoverability, engagement, and conversion.

Take a step back and think about cross-departmental collaboration, from sales to service and everything in between—how often are you coming together (virtually or otherwise) to ideate and strategize? As consumers are increasingly demanding more from the companies they choose to do business with, seamless experience is key, and that demands collaboration across teams. Your ability to see the bigger picture and map the customer journey, understanding pain points, and optimizing experience along the way, will set you apart from the pack.

Be curious, ask questions of your colleagues, and think outside the box in terms of the sorts of solutions 体育平台app can help to support. You’re only limited by your imagination.

4. Technical proficiency

Knowing how, why, and when to utilize technology [7] and automation is key. Technology isn’t just about automating certain tasks; it has the power to dramatically impact the customer experience.

More than simply moving consumers through a generic funnel approach, for example, once equipped with the right knowledge—from demographics to buyer traits and behaviors—and the right technical expertise, a savvy enterprise 体育平台app can leverage the technology to deliver on market opportunities by triggering meaningful real-time personalized experiences for consumers. Technical proficiency alone isn’t enough but combining your skills with strategic thinking and the right vision can provide incredible value.

5. Management skills

How skilled are you at inspiring, motivating, and building up those around you?

As an enterprise 体育平台app , you’re dealing with multiple stakeholders at every level. It is critical that you understand and play well within the organizational hierarchy so you’re able to advocate for 体育平台app , win buy-in for 体育平台app initiatives, defend budgets, and generally communicate the importance of this incredible tool.

Being a leader means cross-functional collaboration. Now more than ever before, 体育平台app has an opportunity to step in and lead by providing insights and analysis to inform the customer, and indeed employee, experience.

6. Excellent communication skills

Throughout the enterprise, communication skills are key. You need to be just as comfortable in the boardroom as in conversations with engineers and developers. Strong communication skills, and an understanding of your audiences and their priorities, are critical to delivering engaging presentations, market research, and background data.

From brand reputation to pay-per-click monitoring and management, 体育平台app s who keep optimization of results [8] top of mind and provide insightful and easy to understand reporting are communicators to learn from. Keep it simple, harness the data and insights 体育平台app provides, and share your knowledge with the wider organization every chance you get.

7. Multimedia skills

You don’t have to be a writer by day and a video editor by night, but a top enterprise 体育平台app needs to know how great content comes together whether that’s in video, graphic, text or another format. You may be responsible for managing teams of creatives or outsourcing content creation, so you need to know what you’re asking of people, how much it should cost, and how to evaluate and improve upon it.

Combining your data and insights with an understanding of each of the components of the digital marketing mix – and the creative that supports them – goes a long way in managing workflows and resource allocation. Once you have a multimedia foundation, your insights can help to ensure that your creative team is driving prospective clients to your website, and engaging those prospects in conversation, in the most efficient way.

Talent + Technology = Winning 体育平台app Strategy

As the world continues to adapt and shift consumers will increasingly prioritize convenience while craving seamless and personalized experiences from the companies they choose to have relationships with. Ultimately, it’s about leveraging the right data to serve up the right offers to the right people, in the right places, at the right time.

体育平台app is time-consuming and gets increasingly harder by the day. 体育平台app ’s can use an average of 6 tools cobbled together and 4 hours a day on research, reporting, and analysis.

Enterprise 体育平台app essentials for 2021

Smart 体育平台app s look to platforms that can save them time on research, reporting, and analysis. This makes it easier for them to find the time to actually make the most important 体育平台app changes and drive strategy.

Enterprise 体育平台app is the best way to deliver the digital experience consumers now demand, and with these seven essential enterprise 体育平台app skills in your toolbox, you’ll be well-positioned to identify opportunities and deliver business results for your clients.

Jim Yu is the founder and CEO of BrightEdge, the leading enterprise 体育平台app and content performance platform.


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