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Psychologists tell us that by answering a handful of oblique questions, we can gain greater insight into our real desires. Today, we’re going to put that to the test with a simple fill-in-the-gaps story that will help you determine your ideal career in design.

We’ll tell you a short story, and ask you to add a few key details, from which we’ll work out what kind of career probably suits you; what kind of roles you should pursue, what kind of clients suit you best, and what type of day-to-day practice you’ll find most fulfilling. Remember: there are no wrong answers, and this is a guide only, you’re always free to make your own choices.

To begin, relax, and imagine the following scenario: You’re at the pinnacle of your career, and you’ve achieved more than you ever hoped; you’re internationally respected as a design leader, and to celebrate your work, you’re being given a lifetime achievement award by a design organization; the ceremony is tonight…

Images via Anna Shvets [1] , Karolina Grabowska [2] , Kumpan Electric [3] , and Andrea Piacquadio [4] .


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