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30-second summary:

  • The COVID-19 era dramatically impacted the world, and marketers are scrambling to adjust.  
  • If you want to stay on top of what s going on in the marketing industry, you have to meet people where they are. 
  • Founder and CEO of  Teknicks, Nick Chasinov, shares three marketing trends that can help businesses meet consumer demand and capitalize on the industry dynamics.

Today, marketing shifts happen without warning and seemingly overnight. The novel coronavirus caused the initial wave, and now the  industry is impacted  by the surf. People under stay-at-home orders are spending more time online, leading to Facebook traffic spikes, Google search adjustments, and the rise in popularity of  social channels like  TikTok . The COVID-19 era impacted the world, and marketers are scrambling to adjust.   [1] [2]

Before the internet, changes in the marketing space occurred at a glacial pace. Marketers would develop best practices for the rare emergence of a new channel and stick to them for a long time. For example, TV induced the creation of video commercials in the late 1940s, but those advertisements remained mostly unchanged for decades.  

However, the  most successful marketing campaigns of all time  leveraged new innovative marketing strategies. If you want to stay on top of what s going on in the marketing industry, you have to meet people where they are. Here are three marketing trends that apply during the COVID-19 era:   [3]

1. Featured snippets

Search evolves quickly, and that s made even more evident by how we re searching amid the COVID-19 era. People have  specific questions  they want answers for, such as  Can I freeze milk?  or  Does X restaurant deliver? ”.  Because of this, featured snippets — boxed search results that appear at the top of the screen — are extremely coveted.   [4]

These spots provide instantaneous answers to user queries, and they provide more than a  twofold increase in click-through rate , which means more traffic and potential leads than the piece that ranks in the coveted number-one position on the SERPs. Additionally, in a 2019 search algorithm update, Google announced that it would prioritize high-quality educational, authoritative, and trustworthy content over traditional 体育平台app factors like keyword density. Marketing and advertising professionals need to be aware of how this trend will impact the industry moving forward.   [5]

If you want to  land a featured snippet,  create content that answers very specific questions relevant to your audience (especially questions for which the current featured snippet is held by a low-authority webpage). Definitions, tables, step-by-step types, and lists are the four most common types of featured snippets. If you re wondering what people are looking for right now, check out current  coronavirus-related search trends .   [6] [7]

2. Mobile optimization

While quarantined, more and more people are turning to home delivery, video games, online shopping, and social media. Despite the economic downturn, retail  jumped 34% , and large companies like Amazon are hiring more employees  in order to keep up. The coronavirus is having a huge impact on ecommerce.   [8] [9]

There are more mobile browsers than ever before, yet  desktop conversion rates  are almost double what they are on mobile platforms. Current events and Google s 2018 decision to make  site speed a factor in page rank  underscore the urgency of a lightning-fast browsing experience. A site that takes just one second longer to load can  reduce conversions by 7% , while sub-second load times boost conversion by 15% to 30%. [10] [11] [12]

Now is the time to invest in a new mobile website built with  user-friendly formats . Progressive web apps, for example, can give your brand s website app-like speed, instant logins, and seamless page transitions. PWAs speed up the purchasing process when used in conjunction with accelerated mobile pages and server-side rendering. Not only will your customers have a better mobile experience, but they ll also have a more pleasant time shopping.   [13]

2. Shoppable social

Since everyone began practising social distancing, social media has seen  a huge uptick  in traffic. In particular, Instagram has been  buzzing with new trends like Dalgona coffee, house party, fitness videos, and more . If you re a marketer for a small to midsize brand, you should consider creating shoppable posts to meet people where they are.   [14] [15]

A few years ago, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms began enabling consumers to make in-app purchases by clicking a call to action in a post. In-app purchases allow social media users to buy products they re interested in without ever leaving their feeds.  

Marketers were initially sceptical about the strategy, but these posts are here to stay. One study showed that  72% of Instagram users  have purchased something on the platform. This marketing technology trend is the lifeblood of influencers who monetize their personal styles and promote other brands. Next time you post a flat lay to Instagram, tag products from the share screen. Your customers will appreciate the easy access, and you ll be able to collect data on your buyers, which   you can use to create  other targeted shoppable social posts.   [16]

If you re not sure where to focus your marketing efforts amidst the COVID-19 era, start with one of these three trends. It s time to meet consumer demand and capitalize on the growing momentum of these marketing methods.

Nick  Chasinov  is the founder and CEO of  Teknicks , a research-based internet marketing agency certified by Google in Analytics, Tag Manager, and a Google Premier AdWords partner. [17]

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