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30-second summary:

  • Improving their organic search presence is the top inbound marketing priority for 61% of marketers.
  • It’s imperative that today’s marketers  leverage paid  search at every stage to create more sophisticated strategies because  greater sophistication  means  less wasted budget  and  higher quality conversions .  
  • Erica Magnotto gives a crisp breakdown and categorization of how to make your sales and marketing funnel work through 体育平台app .

Improving their organic search presence is the top inbound marketing priority for 61% of marketers [1] . But many are unaware their tried-and-true search engine optimization tactics have lost their potency thanks to today’s more fluid marketing funnel.

Every marketer knows the marketing funnel: The famous  upside-down triangle  used to visualize the customer journey   from “awareness” at the top to “action” at the bottom . Paid search is typically considered a lower-funnel tactic used to nudge customers toward a conversion. But in today’s digitally-dominated landscape, paid search  plays a  more integrated  role.  

It’s imperative that today’s marketers  leverage paid  search at every stage to create more sophisticated strategies because  greater sophistication  means  less wasted budget  and  higher quality conversions .   Here are seven tips to plug in paid search throughout your customer relationships in 2020.

Phase one: Awareness

If you’re currently investing in awareness channels, you’re likely  using  a combination of programmatic display, video, social  and  influencers to connect with your audience s But don’t overlook paid search, which is also effective at  driving new users to the website through competitor and educational campaigns.  

1.  Competitor campaigns 

If a  customer  is looking for your direct competitor, it’s likely they’re in need of your services as well , so  b idding on competitor terms  is   a great way to   capture your competitor’s customers.  Keep in mind  though  these keywords  are usually expensive and   receive  low er  quality scores they  can help inform  customers  of their options within  your  industry. 

2.  Brand education 

Customers   looking to educate themselves  on a particular product  or  service are likely to  go to Google first Use t his  knee-jerk reaction  to  send web traffic in your direction by adding  specific content on your website that answer their questions. Blogs, white papers,  FAQ pages,  and industry updates are  valuable  forms of  customer  education that can develop brand awareness and promote trust with your audience.  Even better, you can c ombine branding and lead gen eration  by gating some of this content  to  collect user information that can later be repurposed for email marketing, retargeting, lookalike audiences and more. 

Phase two: Interest

A fter a user visits the website and gains familiarity with your brand keep  your brand  top of mind through retargeting list search ads and audience bidding.  

3.  Retargeting List Search Ads (RLSAs)

RLSAs  can help  drive repeat visits to your website by directly targeting and bidding on those previous website visitors. These campaigns typically use  tailored  messaging ,  such as a discount, countdown or reminder to complete an action on your website ,  to create urgency. RLSAs  can also  be  used with the brand and non-branded terms to entice user action  in the decision phase of   the  funnel. 

4.  Audience bidding

Marketers should c onsider applying in-market audiences to campaigns on observation mode to  develop a clearer image of  how each audience segment performs.  S egments that perform or convert at a high level indicate interest from that  grouping  of  potential customers  and ,  therefore , are  worth a higher investment through the use of bid modifiers. Bid up on these audiences to garner a stronger return. 

Phase Three:  Decision

Invest in your brand terms  to protect yourself from competitor interference once potential customers  have made the conscious decision to  engage  with your brand.  You can also   implement  extensions to  impart  more influence  during  the decision stage and garner  increased  user engagement. 

5.  Bid on brand terms 

Brand terms serve two purposes  in 体育平台app : visibility and defence. First, i t’s important to  remain  relevant to the SERPs [2] by being  represent ed  in organic and paid results. Second,  while  you have the flexibility to bid on competitor terms,  the competition  can bid on your terms  as well By creating a dedicated brand strategy for search, you can   help cut down on  competitors showing up in place of you .

6.  Use extensions 

Extensions  such as site links, callouts and structured snippets  place more ads  on SERP s , giving your ads more  opportunity to  influence in the decision  of customers Marketers should use  as many relevant extensions as possible to  improve   click-through-rates [3] (CTRs) and higher quality scores. 

Phase four: Action

S earch engines can  optimize  toward conversion action through automated bidding  after users take action on your website through a paid ad . 

7.  Automated bidding

Conversion or action data that are  stored in Google or Microsoft Ads is repurposed to support automated bidding  like  Target  Cost Per Action (CPA) , Maximize Conversions or Target  Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) . These features support  a variety of  conversion goals through Google’s AI automation . Creating accurate conversions in your account is essential during the final step of the funnel.

Paid search  is a  foundational channel for driving lead generation initiatives,  as it has vast capabilities .   S earch plays a n integral  role in every stage of the marketing funnel  – not just at the top . Consider  connecting with  your in-house team or agency partners to revamp your  p aid  s earch strategy  for 2020  to ensure you are leveraging search across the funnel,  and,  ultimately ,   boosting   the channels’   benefit  to your bottom line.   

Erica  Magnotto is Senior Search Engine Marketing Manager at R2i .  

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